Advanced Hands-on Training on Testing of High Voltage Test Samples

The 5-day Advanced Hands-on Training on Testing of High Voltage Test Samples, supported by University Grant Commission (UGC), Nepal, was conducted from April 30 to May 4, 2023, was a huge success, with participants from various academic institutions and faculties, as well as students from IOE. As one of the resource persons, Assoc. Professor Dr. Basanta Kumar Gautam, pointed out, “High voltage testing is an essential aspect of ensuring safety and reliability in power systems. This training provided hands-on experience and familiarisation with the tools and devices used in high voltage labs, allowing participants to gain valuable skills and knowledge.”

Throughout the training, the participants were guided by experienced professionals, including Assoc. Prof. Jeetendra Chaudhary, Mr. Raj Shrestha, and Mr. Ganesh Bhandari from NEA. As the focal person, Asst. Prof. Shahabuddin Khan ensured that the training ran smoothly and provided a conducive learning environment.

Overall, the training provided participants with an in-depth understanding of HV testing protocols and the importance of maintaining lab safety. With the practical experience gained, the participants are now better equipped to handle high voltage tests in their future careers.

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