Power Lab


Lab Incharge:

Lab Technician: Surendra Kumar Sah

1. Switchgear and Protection Lab

This lab is based on the subject “Switchgear and Protection” which is a core subject of our students in their third year. There is a total of 6 lab assignments. This lab consists of a demo of a micro-hydro project, high voltage transmission system, IDMT relays, circuit breakers, Panelboard along different measuring instruments. Following labs are carried out:

  1. Draw a magnetizing curve for a protective CT. Check Knee point voltage
  2. Test overcurrent device in an Air Circuit Breaker for operation using primary injection
  3. Test an induction disc relay in over current protection scheme for operating characteristics using secondary injection.
  4. Test an induction disc relay in residual earth fault protection scheme for operating characteristics and setting using secondary injection.
  5. Check connections on a biased differential protection scheme of the transformer. Test the scheme for operation and setting values on internal faults using primary injection
  6. Measurement of soil resistivity

2. Power Plant Equipment

This lab is carried out with a field visit to a hydropower plant. Groups of five to six students are sent to the field where they observe and study technology used, equipment used in hydropower plants. They have to present the slides and face viva along with report submission to the subject teacher and to the department.

  1. Mini hydro Unit Control (Isolated Load)
  • Study the start-up and control of speed and generated voltage on the mini-hydro unit, operating the generator on isolated load (not synchronized to the lab bus)
  1. Mini hydro Unit Control (Synchronized)
  • Startup and synchronized to the system bus
  • Study power and var control of the unit while synchronized and delivering energy to the system
  1. Diesel Unit Control (Isolated Load)
  • As per lab #1
  1. Diesel Unit Control (Synchronized)
  • As per lab #2
  1. Load sharing between parallel units
  • Operate mini-hydro and diesel generating units in parallel to supply a common load.
  • Examine control problems associated with load and var sharing
  1. Field trip to generating plant ( 3 days trip)
  • visit a full size operating generating plant
  • study the specific component and its operating mechanism of the visited power plant
  • Prepare a formal report on power plant installation describing the specific major component