Bachelor in Electrical Engineering

The department of electrical engineering started Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering in 1994 A.D. and has been producing academicians, research scholars,  scientists, and technologists in the field of power and energy. The department has been successful to cater the ever challenging needs of technical excellence in all areas of electrical engineering such as industry, control & automation, renewable energy sector, power systems, and power electronics. The core subjects include electricity generation, electric power generation, power transmission, and power distribution system, switchgear and protection, control system, development and evaluation of energy projects, machines, high voltage system, renewable energy, etc., mainly focusing on hydropower plants.

The department has distinguished faculties who are the product of national and international educational institutions. The infrastructure and lab facilities are well maintained and are upgraded on time. Both the faculties and the students have good opportunities to learn and innovate. The students are engaged in project assignments in their first and second year in an even semester. Students are sent in different field visits in their third and fourth years to understand the practical application. In the fourth year, they have to do a group project work which they should defend successfully at the end semester to get through the Bachelor’s degree. Also, different pieces of training are provided to the students that could help students to excel in their fourth-year project. Department often sends its faculty to different conferences and encourages more research. The department also undertakes many research projects sponsored by both the government and the industry.