The Research and Training  (RTU) of the department has been offering its services since its establishment. It has undertaken and completed a lot of consultancy assignments primarily in the area of electrical system design for various buildings, power distribution networks as well as various research-oriented projects. Also, based on the need of different user groups, the department has been conducting many short-term training programs from time to time.

Some completed training courses by the Departments are- Small hydropower station operation training for the small hydro department, NEA Basic electrical and power plants operation training for NEA training Centre. Training on Load controller for small hydro generator, a joint venture with ADB/N. Resettlement training courses on “Electrical wiring installation and domestic appliances repair and maintenance” (for 3 years- 7-year training groups per year) for British Gurkhas. Signal Young Officer’s course for Royal Nepal Army. Consultancy and training that can be offered by the department:

  • Electricity system design for commercial complexes and industries.
  • Electrical power distribution, planning, design, and operating performance analysis and improvements.
  • Power station and sub-station design.
  • Transmission system design.
  • ELC & ICG for micro/small hydropower plants.
  • Micro/small hydro planning and design.
  • Environmental impact assessment analysis for power generation, transmission and distribution network.
  • Feasibility and detailed study of the electrical power system.
  • Energy management and auditing.
  • Earth resistance test and measurement of earth’s resistivity.
  • Rural electrification design.
  • Earthing and lightning protection system design.
  • Transformers and induction motor designs.
  • Switchgear design and installation.
  • Short-term and long-term training courses in electrical engineering.
  • Refresher courses for employees in power sectors and industries.
  • Workshop and seminars in various fields of electrical engineering.
  • Miscellaneous electrical maintenance work.
  • Computer software and hardware training